This is a question that was recently asked of me on my first podcast interview1 (more on that interview in a later blog). I wasn’t super-satisfied with the way I answered in the heat of the moment, so here’s perhaps a better answer (or, really, a set of reasons) if you’re so curious.

  1. My intended audience for is potential collaborators/clients/fans. They don’t necessarily care about what I think about self-help gurus or how there might be benefits to fiddling sometimes.
  2. Most of the people reading Skeptical Spirit probably know me personally at this point2 (trust me, I’ve seen the Google Analytics). My friends probably care about me slightly more than someone who’s never heard of me. Therefore, I can write more personal blogs here and have slightly less of the feeling that I’m wasting someone’s time.
  3. The more boring/straightforward/stereotypical answer: “I want to separate my professional life from my personal/’spiritual’ life.”
  4. An important series of beliefs of mine brought to logical (or at least attemptedly3 logical) conclusions:
    • Knowledge, wisdom, education, information should be free to everyone regardless of financial, medical, mental, emotional, or other wellbeing.
    • To have lived a good life, I need to provide the most value to the world as is possible while I have this one life to make the most of on the planet.
    • I need to make money to give the most that I have to offer.4
    • I shouldn’t get that need tangled up in my goal of using this as a platform for sharing knowledge and (potentially) wisdom with anyone willing to read it.

  1. Well, really it was probably a more polite and curiously-phrased wording of this question. We’ll find out how close I was in the next couple of weeks, hahaaaa.

  2. I’m not making efforts to publicize this website more widely than my Facebook and Twitter. Unless anyone out there would be interested in helping…?! :D

  3. I know “attemptedly” is probably not a word, but dammit, it should be.

  4. I don’t blame you if you don’t buy that at first. I’d encourage you to check out this website if you’re skeptical on the idea.